Wine and Food Forum for Hospitality
Oct 30, 2017
Brody Studios | Budapest

The Terroir Budapest Symposium brings together international & local chefs, industry leaders, Hungarian producers & restaurateurs, innovators, culinary tourism experts, journalists, media, and wine experts for a one day event working together to shape a sustainable food future for Budapest.

Under the scope of international influencers and local innovators, Terroir Budapest Symposium will explore the topics facing Budapest’s emerging food scene and celebrate the awesome work being done by those fostering its growth.

The symposium will include with a series of interactive workshops, masterclasses and learning salons hosted by local and international experts. We can’t wait to host you!

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About Budapest's Gastronomy Scene


Budapest is as beautiful and as dynamic as any other major European center but it has a fascinating and - until now - hidden gastronomic history and identity which eclipses many of the more obvious European tourist destinations through the scale, diversity and breadth of natural produce on offer.

More than just Paprika

It’s not just the internationally revered Mangalitsa Pigs and Grey Cow breeds which are native to Hungary, the country boasts a whole armoury of other significant produce including the carp, catfish, bream and zander fish breeds; artisanal cheeses (goat being the most popular); red peppers; sausages; plums; apricots; tomatoes; and potatoes. The country is also Europe’s largest producer of Fois Gras - a title which is often mistakenly given to the French.

Then there’s the wine

Located in the middle of the Carpathian Basin, surrounded by high mountains and with a notably long growing season, Hungary boasts 22 different wine regions alongside a rich and varied terroir which gives way to a whole host of native grape varieties: Furmint, Olaf Rieszling, Riesling, Hárslevelü and Sárgamuskotály for the whites. Kékfrankos, Malatinszky and Gere to name a few reds. Impressive volcanic soils in the North of the country also mean Hungary is fit to found the world’s first Volcanic Wine Association.

Let’s Feast!

Recently revitalised through government investment, the easy-to-get-to modern airport and reasonably priced European flight routes paired with an enviable food heritage make Budapest one of Europe’s most exciting new food destinations - and a destination which is slowly stepping into its own in the international spotlight.

Taking the Budapest food scene to the next level through a terroir-focused cuisine is about promoting its heroes in two ways. Firstly, through the development and celebration of chefs who embrace their gastronomic heritage whilst simultaneously pushing the boundaries of Hungarian gastronomy, and secondly by championing produce-farmer relationships and nuturing new connections.

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