Terroir Talks: Ethical eating

If you leave the door open, there’s going to be a draught. It’s as simple as that.
— Trevor Gulliver, St JOHN
We eat like grasshoppers, going from one trend to another before it runs out. We need to change.
— Laura Jaspers, HERMANN'S

Ethical eating is at the cornerstone of contemporary dining. But what does that mean? And how do we create exceptional experiences which also accommodate guests?

Supporting local farmers and producers, promoting terroir-driven ingredients, eating "nose to tail", practising circular economies, eating sustainably, plant-based diets etc etc etc. How can we create the restaurant of the future whilst also considering ethics, diners and deliciousness? What is our responsibility as an industry in accommodating contemporary dinners and helping to save the planet?

Terroir founder, Arlene Stein, hosted three of Berlin's most sustainbly-focused activists alongside two internationally acclaimed restaurateurs in a discussion focused on the planet’s food futures.


Monday, 21st January 2019 hosted at HERMANN’S, Berlin

Trevor Gulliver, CEO and Co-Founder, St. JOHN, London
Laura Jaspers, Co-Founder, HERMANN'S, Berlin
Sophia Hoffmann, Chef, Author & Food Activist, Berlin
Jonathan Gushue, Executive Chef, Fogo Island Inn, Canada
Peter Duran, Owner, Isla Coffee Berlin

Photos: Sonni Frej Photography

Zero waste is a cool idea but it’s very difficult to sustain.
— Peter Duran, Isla Coffee
I’m trying to put out information that helps people make better decisions.
— Sophia Hoffmann, Chef & Author
With moving the system forwards you have to look around you and start with what’s there.
— Jonathan Gushue, Fogo Island Inn

Terroir Talks: Where are restaurants heading?

The “local-vore” trend is going to go away. What’s even local to places like London or Berlin?
— Joe Warwick, The World Restaurant Awards
Food artists use atmosphere and artistry to connect with people for unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime.
— Kristin Rieve, RSVP Yes

What's shaking things up in the restaurant world right now? What are the newest concepts, events, trends, themes, growth areas and glittering futures making waves across the international dining community? Arlene asked our Terroir Talk panellists exactly these questions, bringing bloggers, journalists and entrepreneurs together for a discussion about the most dynamic developments in the global restaurant industry, happening right now.


Monday, November 26th 2018 hosted at HERMANN’S, Berlin

Joe Warwick, Author of Where Chefs Eat and founder of the World Restaurant Awards
Olga Badowska, Co-founder of Mlask 
Kristin Rieve, RSVP Yes

Photos: Sonni Frej Photography

This is on all of us. We need to talk about how to feed people properly. We share this information on Google but we need to share with each other.
— Olga Badowska, Food Writer

Terroir Talks: Restaurants and the media 

“Our second Michelin star brought a 25% revenue increase, and since entering the World’s 50 Best List and appearing on Chef’s Table every seat in the restaurant is now fully booked.”
— Tim Raue, Restaurant Tim Raue
“Once you have your business ethos, at the end of the day, the media is a marketing tool. People who want to come to your restaurant REALLY want to come.”
— Billy Wagner, Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Restaurants and the media have a relationship built on consumer trust. Increasingly though, its a relationship that's leveraged in complex ways. The media brings awareness to the newest, most interesting and very best restaurants the industry has to offer - driving business and stature. But the advent of online media and cutbacks in traditional press mean it’s an industry that’s also rushing to redefine itself as unconventional methods of PR and marketing permeate through digitally native outlets. 

Terroir founder, Arlene Stein, hosted two of Berlin's very best restaurateurs alongside two internationally acclaimed journalists in a discussion focused on the present, future and longevity of the complex media and restaurant relationship.


Monday, October 26th 2018 hosted at HERMANN’S, Berlin

Tim Raue, Restaurant Tim Raue
Billy Wagner, Nobelhart & Schmutzig 
Lorraine Haist, Journalist
Mattias Kroon, Food writer

Photos: Sonni Frej Photography

“The difference is, the food industry doesn’t really have the same budgets as luxury brands in, say, the motor or fashion industries.”
— Mattias Kroon, Food Writer
I remember asking colleagues whether I could really publish a title that said “Will this restaurant change the future of the German culinary scene?””
— Lorraine Haist, Journalist