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Robert Gilvesy          

Organic Wine Producer

Robert Gilvesy produces organic wine on the slopes of the Badacsony volcanic mounts north of Lake Balaton in Hungary. A second generation Canadian-Hungarian, he grew up on a farm in southwestern Ontario but moved to Hungary in 1992 to explore his roots.  After working in architecture and international business, Robert settled in Szent György-hegy (Saint George’s Mount) and renovated an 18th century cellar where he now produces the indigenous Furmint, and Riesling-Italico (Olaszrizling) as well as Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc wines. His wines portray - as John Szabo has come to define - 'savouriness'; the umami “salt, grit and power” that volcanic wines are known for. Robert leads the association Volcanic Wines of Hungary to raise awareness of their unique terroir. He believes in promoting a dialogue of tastes and often collaborates with noted local and visiting chefs to bring authentic food and wine combinations to his guests.