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Mercedes Bachelet

GROUP GEneral manager & SOmmelier


Mercedes Bachelet – is General Manager for the high-end Restaurant Group Adam/Albin in Stockholm, Sweden and runs her own restaurant consulting company on the side. she is 37years old, born and raised in Sweden with a Chilean father. Mercedes has worked in the restaurant business since she was 15 years old, she has already had a long successful career beginning with Mercedes getting her first job as Restaurant Manager & head buyer of beverages at the young age of 20 and has since then continued working in leading positions as general manager, restaurant manager, head sommelier or F&B manager for several top restaurants and hotels including, Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren, Nobis Group, F12 Group, Adam/Albin and many more.

She has during her years of working in leading positions in the restaurant industry in Sweden had the possibility to travel the world and visit many wine growing regions, countries and fantastic restaurants.

Mercedes considers herself to be a foodie as well as a sommelier, she loves working as a sommelier but has most times combined the title sommelier with general or restaurant manager to be able to work more freely with wine with no one restricting what she can or can´t do.

Mercedes has a WSET advanced certificate sommelier education as well as a Swedish sommelier education, she also has several degrees in restaurant management, staffing/labour law and restaurant economy. She has been a judge and compere in several sommelier and chef competitions, she is well featured in Swedish magazines with wine recommendations and interviews.

She is a very sociable person and is almost always out and about. Mercedes knows that she will be working with gastronomy, service and wine for the rest of her life, because as she says “it is kind of her life” and she loves it.