Péter Baracskay

Farmer, Biologist

Peter is the youngest member of a three generation farmer family living in the Balaton Uplands. After he earned his degree in biology now he is rediscovering his roots, helping the family business by exploring new channels of high quality beef consumption and seeking new ways for the promotion of Grey Cattle.

Csobanci Farm has herds of about 300 Hungarian Grey Cattle, which are kept outside the whole year under extensive conditions. Herds graze in the deep, frosty areas of the Balaton Uplands, which are not affordable for viticulture, hence these kind of husbandry supports landscape maintenance and agricultural sustainability as well. After the conservation of the breed we beleive that nowadays our livestock is rather a delicacy on the agricultural scene than just a ’museum’.

The quality you taste in the familiy’s grey cattle meet is a direct result of the care and commitment they take in the health of their animals. Based on its characteristics, which is very similar to venison, grey cattle meat can be an exciting element of gastronomy.