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Chef, Restaurant Lode & Stijn

We are Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi, originating from the Netherlands, where we both started our cooking career working together in the same restaurant, thirteen years ago. 

Via Amsterdam, Maastricht, Prague, Stockholm, Hamburg and San Francisco we landed in Berlin and opened our own restaurant where we reshaped all these experiences into our own. 

In our restaurant we focus on using seasonal, sustainable and artisanal products. We mainly work with high quality produce that is in season, which inevitably forces us to cook produce driven. 

The combination of our skills, experience and creativity that we have developed over the years, enables us to create a refined but at the same time casual dining experience. 

In our style of cooking we concentrate on the craftsmanship of cooking, the flavours from the paths we have taken and focus on the joy of sharing a table of good food.