Christopher Wooding

Ironwood organics, CANADA

Christopher Wooding grows organic landrace cereals in eastern Ontario. Ironwood Organics now consists of 170 acres, and includes wheats (winter and spring), oats, rye and barley. He is the miller at the Old Stone Mill, a 200 year old grist mill in Delta Ontario, as well as having on-farm milling capacity. In addition to stone ground flour and rolled oats, they also supplies grain to the craft beer market. The farm is further diversified with a small hops yard, nut orchard and some forest permaculture. Recent areas of focus include heritage soybeans, dried beans, heritage potatoes and dent corns. They are working towards climate ready agriculture.

A main focus is to understand and educate about the interconnectedness of the environment, food, health and diversity and sustainability and resiliency.