Victoria Eliasdóttir

Chef, Dóttir

Victoria Eliasdóttir is a Danish-born, Icelandic-raised chef. The strong passion for food is not new to Victoria. As her father was a chef as well, she was introduced to good food from a very early age.

After finishing Chefs education in Iceland, Victoria took over a summer restaurant in south of Iceland where she served local trout and tomato's from the farm next door, to tourist and curious farmers. In 2012 Victoria headed to Berkeley for a four-month stint at Chez Panisse, jumping between stations.

By the time the chef got back to Iceland, her ambitions had shifted and she wanted to find a deeper meaning in cooking. She moved to Berlin and cooked lunch daily at Studio Olafur Eliasson, her brother’s well-known art studio, until the offer came to run her own kitchen again. In 2015 Victoria opened the restaurant Dóttir in Berlin. At Dóttir the menu is very much rooted in her experience of the everyday often fish based meals at home as a child. The past two years she spent most of her time at Dóttir as well as traveling for cooking at private events and dinners.

2017 Victoria will focus on the Studio Kitchen and developing the kitchen there even further. Victoria tells; “We want to host food related events on regular basis. Cooking or hosting evening events allows us to approach both the food and atmosphere in a different setting from our every day family style lunch –while include an even wider range of people.

This year my main focus at the Studio, will be on using our platform to invite food activists, chefs and others to share inspiration and ideas. In order to throw dinners and events that allows us to expand and establish new dialogues and with time hopefully leave our mark in the food related developments happening right now.”