Part of the Terroir Warsaw team and now short-term resident at Castello di Potentino, Matylda first studied hospitality in Edinburgh before embarking on a year’s journey with food in Italy and becoming the first Polish alumna of the famous University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.

After many years abroad she then returned to take over running Metamorfoza restaurant in Gdańsk as head and PR manager. In the four years they were there the two made it one of the best and most unique restaurants in the country.

Last October Matylda and Adrian gave a talk at one of the most recognized symposiums in the world - Food On The Edge - all about “loosing Polishness” and the necessity of starting all over by looking at other food cultures.

Matylda also contributes to Fine Dining Lovers and has set up the JRE Association in Poland - becoming its national chair. She is passionate about establishing coherent and unique concepts for restaurants and organizing niche gastronomic events. In her free time she practices as a cheese maker.