Food tells a story of place, history, geography, politics, environment and culture combined. Terroir brings food communities together through inspiring content, shared resources and global networking with forums that act as portals through which some of the world's most diverse cultures are explored and promoted through targeted exchange.

  Photo by Mark Best

Photo by Mark Best



We are an organization that brings together innovative and creative influencers from the field of hospitality, including chefs, food and beverage experts, writers and business leaders.  We create educational programs that inspire and bring food and beverage communities together to create a network for international exchange. 





Arlene Stein is the Executive Director and Founder of the annual Terroir Hospitality Symposium that takes place each spring in Toronto, Canada. Terroir is the only hospitality program in Canada, and one of the first of many world wide, that brings together influential chefs, restaurateurs, wine and beverage professionals in a forum for professional development with  an additional focus on food sustainability.  The symposium is currently in its 11th year and has over 1000 attendees from across North America and Europe. The goal of the Terroir Symposium is to give delegates an opportunity to create business relationships that enable the development of new ideas that can be applied to their own work and to take inspiration from others.  



Renée Lalonde currently resides in Toronto Canada and is the marketing and communications director of Terroir Hospitality. Having spent 20+ years in sales management and public relations, she’s been responsible for strategic planning, innovative program development and execution on a global level. She’s had the pleasure of working with a diverse roster of leaders in retail, marketing/advertising, fashion/beauty, travel/tourism and her personal favorite - the food & beverage and hospitality sectors. Her main objective in working with Terroir is to engage and help to connect the international culinary community through immersive, experiential forums, tours and events.

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Kate Lewin

Kate Lewin is Terroir's European Program Manager. Having spent 10+ years working in the hospitality industry, she's shaped her role from a variety of different angles, doing everything from washing pots to launching cookbooks; running a restaurant to developing a range of chilli sauces!

Storytelling is Kate's main love in life though, and through Terroir's programming she loves to celebrate and share the very brilliant work being done by culinary innovators all over the world.

When not working with Terroir, Kate is a freelance writer.