Terroir Hospitality is transforming global food systems through gastrodiplomacy - giving chefs, producers, restaurateurs and industry leaders a valued platform through which to connect, learn and interact within their own industries & communities, as well as others all across the world.

Gastrodiplomacy is rooted in the belief that food is one of the most unique ways to communicate a region’s culture. Food has always played a significant role in shaping the world, creating the trade routes, economic & political power plays, and commerce opportunities that formed the basis of many modern-day nations. Weaved throughout all these interactions is the fabric of the resulting society as well as their collective tastes, palates and food culture.

By interrogating national traits and cultures through unique, immersive learning programs, Terroir creates international delegations of culinary advocates who communicate their experiences and deeply tangible newfound connection to audiences all across the globe.

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Arlene Stein is the founder and Executive Director of the Terroir Symposium, a catalyst for creative collaboration and social and environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry. Since 2006, Terroir has convened international and Canadian industry leaders annually at a two-day symposium in Toronto—and since 2014 at off-shoot events across Europe and North America—for education, networking and inspiration. From her current home base in Berlin,

Arlene travels globally to research responsible food systems and gastronomic innovations.




Renée Lalonde currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Having spent 20+ years in sales management and public relations she has been responsible for strategic planning, innovative program development and execution on a global level. Renee has had the pleasure of working with a diverse roster of leaders in retail, marketing/advertising, fashion/beauty, travel/tourism and her personal favorite - the food & beverage and hospitality sectors. Her main objective in working with Terroir is to engage and help to connect the international culinary community through immersive experiential forums, tours and events.

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Kate Lewin


Kate spent over 10 years working in London’s hospitality industry shaping her knowledge through running restaurants and events before moving into marketing and communications at some of London’s most popular restaurants. It's here that Kate discovered her passion for storytelling whether its for an exceptional product; a brilliant producer; or a local food custom that the world doesn’t yet know about.

After moving to Berlin, Kate joined Terroir to oversee communications for the European and international arms of the event programs.


Júlia Dalmadi

Innovation Expert

After studying and working in five different countries, Júlia attended the Food Innovation Master's Program in 2018, organized by the Future Food Institute and participated on a global mission to scout disruptive ideas within our food system. While researching the relationship between smart cities and urban food concepts; the importance of participatory democracy and shared food value chains, she built a global network of food protagonists.

Combining her expertise with human-centered design and system thinking, Júlia contributes to the sustainable future of our food system. She is currently designing the sourcing strategy of a cooperative supermarket project which supports industry members with market and consumer research, as well as working with hotels on added-value breakfast concepts built on local supply chains and food waste management.


Terroir Symposium (Toronto)



President & CEO,
Culinary Tourism Alliance


Director of Community Engagement Culinary Tourism Alliance



Event Coordinator,
Culinary Tourism Alliance

Press Engagement

Educational and informative, delegates attend Terroir forums to learn something they can use in their professional environments. As a component part of Terroir’s learning programs we engage a PR and media network that allows journalists to communicate the story of their regional Terroir experience.

We have proven track record of producing stories published in: The New York Times, The Guardian, Wallpaper, The Wall Street Journal, Die Welt, Wired, Imbibe Magazine, Fine Dining Lovers and many, many more.

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